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Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review 2023

Get Free Traffic To Any Product or Service



If you're spending too much money and time on paid advertising with poor results, it may be time to consider a different approach. In recent years, the digital marketing space has become increasingly complex and competitive.

With Google’s algorithm changes, YouTube has become an important search engine for many businesses. Therefore, every business should have a YouTube strategy in place to maximize organic traffic from the video platform. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and video is growing like crazy. YouTube SEO strategies start with understanding how YouTube's algorithms work and what makes a video rank on page one of Google. Optimizing video content is not as easy as it seems. People often make mistakes that might not be so obvious to them. 

Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success Academy will guide you through the process of optimizing videos for SEO to get page 1 rankings on Google for your product or service without paying for ads. It is one of the easiest ways to eliminate or reduce your ad spend. 

In this Affiliate Success Academy Review I will take you through the modules and what Paul Murphy's fairly unknown and untapped course will teach you.  

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Who Is Paul Murphy?

Paul Murphy is a very successful affiliate marketer, digital marketer, keynote speaker, Podcaster and entrepreneur from the UK. He has cracked the YouTube code allowing him to rank videos on the first page of Google using free organic traffic, making him thousands in commissions every month.

He has become the top affiliate for some major brands like GrooveFunnels, Kartra, Webinarjam by driving free traffic from Youtube and Google.

He has recently received his second, 2 comma award from ClickFunnels for generating $1 million dollars in sales from a single sales funnel using the methods he teaches.

It took Paul Murphy just four months to get the first award and another three months for the second one. Paul’s Affiliate Tube Success Academy is helping thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online.

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Who Is Affiliate Tube Success Academy For?

Simply put, Paul Murphy created Affiliate Tube Success Academy for anyone who needs to generate free unlimited traffic to any product or service.

Marketing and advertising costs can take up a significant portion of a business's budget. For many businesses, these costs are one of the largest line items in their expenses i.e. paid traffic. One way to reduce costs is to be more strategic in your marketing efforts. 

So, If you need to reduce ad spend or have tried Facebook ads and failed, this could be for you.

It’s not just for affiliate marketers as the name might allude to, but it’s also for eCommerce stores, course creators, brick and mortar business and anyone who wants to put their own product in front of their perfect buyers on the first page of Google.

Try The Free Four Day Ranking Challenge

What You Get In The Affiliate Tube Success Academy Course

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The course is set out in 16 sections, below I will go through each section and what's covered in each module.


This is the welcome page for Affiliate Tube success Academy, in here you will find links to the Facebook page, Paul's YouTube Channels and his podcast.

The 21 Day Challenge Road Map

If you want to jump right in you can go through the 21 Day Challenge, where Paul Murphy does an over the shoulder training for 21 consecutive days. He shows you step by step the process with homework for you to do each day before the next session. So by the end of the 21 days you will have your first page ranking.

Module One

Module One welcomes you to The Affiliate Tube Success Academy (ATS), and introduces you to the 24 Hour Ranking System. Paul covers where he gets an abundance of targeted free traffic. How simple YouTube demo’s get over 50% conversions.

Module Two

This module covers how to manage your expectations and set up the game to win. He covers mindset, expecting challenges and how to overcome them. With videos on setting goals with daily tasks, the equipment you will need, outsourcing work, niche selection, the 50/50 rule, how to track and monitor your traffic, selecting winning products.

Module Three

Module three starts with an overview of the 24 hour ranking system. Then goes on to show how to set up your YouTube channel, installing Tube Buddy (the free version), Keyword research, giving value on YouTube, and creating thumbnails that get clicks.

Module Four

Module Four covers the types of businesses that can use his system, the different types of videos, some channel reviews and, case studies. He shows you his video structure graph which details the structure and layout on how to create your video. How to upload your videos to YouTube using his checklist. How to use his video tracker as a checklist to ensure you have included everything in your video. And how to monitor what’s working.

Module Five

Module five will bring you through the funnel integration, the types of funnels and how to set up your links on your videos and landing pages. Also covered is the 10 part course outline and how to set this up and configure your opt-in and bridges pages. Email sequences using active campaign ( but you can also use a free Groovemail account for this ) and exit pops.

Module Six

Module six starts with how to create money video's. Paul then goes over how to review your channel to see how you are doing, this includes YouTube analytics. Once everything is set up you will need to start looking at your channel stats to see how your YouTube videos are doing. You will learn how to review your click through rate and other metrics to see what's working and what is not working. He then shows how to optimize the video's that are not doing so well. 

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Mobile Phone Camera Tips

This module covers how to put yourself on camera, things to do before shooting your video, shooting tips and video assembly. 

Training & Support Replays

This is where you will find all the training replays. There is literally hours upon hours of training video's and Q&A sessions in here. These are some of the topics covered - Pinterest Training, over the shoulder Keyword training, Groove Magic affiliate funnel training, Magic ecom funnel - physical products, student channel reviews, Goals workshop, Deep dive into YouTube analytics, How to create killer YouTube video's. There are too many to list here but every topic is covered.

Bonus Content

There are some extra videos covering Affiliate training, Script writing using funnels scripts, the concept of funnels, a Facebook strategy and how to get more ranking juice.

The Vault

The Vault holds video's and step by step SOP documents for team training or outsourcing the work. You can give access to your team to watch the step by step training on setting up your Gmail and YouTube account, Keywords script & layout, Open loop thumbnail, creating videos and tagging & uploading videos.  

Repurposing Video's

You will learn how to repurpose all your videos to get extra rankings, by taking the text from the videos and putting them on a blog posts and sharing them on social media. 

Magic Funnels

This is where you can access the free Magic Affiliate Funnels, you get when you sign up for the Affiliate Tube Success Academy. One built in GrooveFunnels and the other built in ClickFunnels.

ATS Affiliate Links

If you want to promote Affiliate Tube Success Academy, Kartra, ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels there are links and videos in here explaining what to do.

Extra Sauce

Here you will find some extra interviews with other marketers like Mike Filsaime, Blake Nubar, Robbie Blanchard and Ron Douglas.

The Main Benefits of Affiliate Tube Success Academy

Works In Any Niche

This is tried and tested and will work with any product or niche.

Evergreen Traffic Source

Once set up correctly, you will have evergreen traffic for years to come.

100% White Hat Methods

There is nothing in this course that will get you banned from YouTube, everything is above board and 100% white hat.

Free Listings On Front Page Of Google

Put your physical product, Digital Product, Affiliate product, Business, our course on the front page of Google within 24 hours without paid advertising.

Sign up for the Free 4 day challenge

Affiliate Tube Success Gold Membership

If you are not quite ready to jump into the Affiliate Tube Success Academy then the Gold Membership might be for you. Gold Membership launched in January and is currently priced at $97 a month.

The 12K bonus stack you get inside the membership makes this an extremely good deal. You are also allowed to give these bonuses away to help convert your offers.

There are four success paths to choose from in the Gold Membership.

Success Path 1: Training on how to promote ClickFunnels 2.0 in 2023

Success Path 2: Create and sell highly profitable membership sites.

Success Path 3: The $7 Membership Ascension Magic Funnel.

Success Path 4: Affiliate Launches. Source and promote profitable affiliate products when they launch.

This is what you get inside The Gold Membership.

  • Magic Traffic Funnel (Save $1,997)

  • On-Demand Weekly Training Replays (Save $997)

  • 4 Success Paths - Create Your Continuity Membership (save $3,497)

  • All Magic Traffic Funnels Built Inside Groove and Kartra.

  • Five Magic Funnels Exclusive Training ( Affiliate, Coach, Physical Products, Self Liquidating & Local)

  • Launch Hacking Secrets Mastermind (Save $1,497)

  • Exclusive Gold Members Only Training Every Month (Save $1,497)

  • Live Q&A Every Month (Save $297) 

  • VIP Gold 24 Hour Ranking System (Save 997)

  • Exclusive Affiliate Rights + 40% Commission

  • $12k Bonus Stack To Convert Your Offers.

  • Four Day Google Ranking Challenge (On-Demand - $297)

  • " Grandfathered Price" $97 per Month Forever.

  • All Future Bonuses.

  • Try The Gold Membership FREE for 14 days!

    Live Training & Support

    Every Tuesday Paul hosts a live free coaching call, you don't have to be an ATS academy member to have access to the coaching. Click here to sign up for free coaching

    affiliate tube success academy free training

    My Conclusion

    Over the last few years I have purchased a number of online marketing courses, some good, some bad. But I can honestly say that Paul Murphy's Affiliate Tube Success system works, and if you follow his instructions you will drive free organic traffic to your product or service.

    If you are someone who needs to reduce ad spend, using free YouTube videos is the best free traffic source out there.

    With ad costs rising year by year and following the recent IOS restrictions making it harder to target your audience on Facebook, it makes financial sense to learn how to get a slice of the listings that Google is giving away for free. 

    So there you have it, my Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review. I hope this has given you a better understanding of what it can do for you. As always, thanks for reading, and happy selling!

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    Pros & Cons


  • Reduces ad spend.

  • Unlimited organic free traffic.

  • Not saturated.

  • 50% conversion rate.

  • Cons 

  • If you cannot create YouTube videos you will have to outsource it.